I have always been a fearful flier and I happened to watch the Dr. Oz show one day while he was talking about how hypnosis is becoming more recognized by major medical universities. When I did an online search for services in the Dane County area, I was drawn to Gary's website, One criteria I had was that he wasn't one who would "hypnotize people at parties" or make them do ridiculous things. His website was very informative in that it explained services, rates and his background. When I called and left a message Gary quickly got back to me.

I made an appointment and he spent a lot of time with me. It only took one session which was another reason I liked him. He's not "stringing you along" to make more appts. If you feel it works in one session, he feels one session is enough!

A week after my appt I had my first two flights (9 1/2 hours) and my husband even commented how calm I was. I was even watching a movie and laughing on board. I was calm on the two returning flights 10 days later. It was such a relief to be normal on board and not shake out of fear. It really enhanced my trip. Will I ever be 100% glad about flying? No, but I don't want to stop experiencing the world of travel and Gary helped me achieve that.

- Tracy

Weight Management

I knew what I needed to do to lose weight, but something kept me from moving forward. Gary helped me break through that psychological barrier and lose 60 very unwanted pounds."

- N.H.

Alcohol Abuse

Gary is a very professional, skilled, hypnotherapist who has a lot of great wisdom to share. I have worked with him for the last three years off and on for weight loss/management. Thanks to Gary I have lost weight, increased my self esteem, and made some healthy life style changes.

- Madison Therapist - Carol

Self Esteem

I have been seeing Gary or nearly two years now. He has helped me with weight loss and issues I have had with anxiety and self esteem. While working with him I have lost weight, gained confidence and was promote in my job. Now I feel beautiful, peaceful, and have tons of energy. Gary is a great listener and provides a wonderful space to do this work.

- Cheryl


I just wanted to thank you for your help in getting control of my Life. You're mixture of education and hypnosis enabled me to really get a handle on my Drinking. It took only a few sessions and I had control of my drinking no mater what environment I was in. I want to thank you for helping me find the control that has changed my Life. I look forward to working with you fine tuning other areas of Self improvement. Sincerely

- M.J.

Self Esteem

Just wanted to express my deepest gratitude for being you! A great spirit with a soul so deep, and a heart bigger than the ocean blue. You have given a gift of opportunity to grow and perhaps a key to open closed doors. I'm glad our paths have crossed again, and may this never be the farewell end. Thanks Gary

- Britt