Skype Hypnosis Sessions

Skype hypnosis sessions

Skype is a free audio / video service that allows me to speak with almost anyone anywhere in the world. It's unique features allows anyone who has challenges getting to my office to be able to speak with me and see me while in the privacy of their own home. This service is great for:

  • * People who live a long distance from my office
  • * Those individuals who have physical restrictions
  • * Great for people who do not drive
  • * Inclement weather
  • * Or just because it is easier

How is this done? What do I need to do?

Initially you can call, text or email me to discuss your needs and set up a Skype session date and time.
You can access and download Skype to a PC or laptop by going to:
Prior to the Skype session we will test the equipment to make sure everything is functional.

skype and telephone counseling & clinical hypnotherapy


  • * A headset is recommended. Perhaps even ear buds from a cell phone.
  • * Have a comfortable place to relax such as a bed, lounge chair, or couch.
  • * Keep all pets out of the room and in a place where they will be safe & comfortable.
  • * Mute any telephones, buzzers, bells or anything that could make a noise. Inform anyone who typically calls you each day to not call during the Skype session
  • * Plan for approximately 60 minutes.

Clinical hypnosis is effective using the Skype method. All hypnosis is self hypnosis. You will go as deep as you want to take yourself. You will go into a proper trance by hearing the sound of my voice. It will be as if we are in the same room